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  • Red and white wines vs black and white dolphins

    Mendoza is a pleasant city. It has wide streets and lots of squares and parks and is very green. That is special because the city is situated in the middle of the desert. A man-made oasis. We had been there before. But not in the company of family and not during the Vendimia, the wine […]

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  • Paraguay – From Mennonites to Jesuits

    Paraguayans are very friendly people. They saved our lives a few times, completely selflessly. Or at least they helped us get back on the road again. For example, during the long drive from San Bernardino to Encarnación, the navigation system (Maps.me so an offline system) sent us from bad to worse. A newly constructed, unpaved […]

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  • Exploring Brazil’s south coast – from Floripa to Rio

    On Ilha de Santa Catarina, the island where Floripa is situated, we learned that it does not matter to the Brazilians whether it is sunny, cloudy or even raining a bit. They go to the beach anyway. And why not? It is always warm and you will have fun anyway. Most of them come much […]

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  • Exploring Brazil’s south coast – from Rio to Floripa

    Barra da Tijuca is a pretty chic neighbourhood in Rio. There is not much to do other than visiting the mega-beach. But then the weather has to be nice. We spent a few days there doing laundry and buying local prepaid SIM cards. And that is quite a challenge. It’s difficult to find a salesperson […]

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