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  • Crocs, Cairns and the Corona Crisis (continued)

    Uber drivers are generally more talkative than taxi drivers. Often the conversation is limited to “Where are you from?”, “Are you here for the first time?”, “How long are you staying here?” and “What will you do next?”. As soon as we have the driver completely up to speed (pun intended), a common response often […]

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  • Wines and mines in South Australia

    After our fantastic visit to the scorched and damaged Kangaroo Island (or Koala Island as Miek named it earlier) with our own koalas-in-the-garden-house by the beach, it needed to get used to civilisation again. From the ferry it was only a short drive to Willunga, a nice historic town in the McLaren Vale wine region. […]

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  • Great Otway and Australia Day

    The last time we were in Melbourne was three and a half years ago. We were on our way home from French Polynesia at the end of our second world trip. It doesn’t seem that long ago because the city feels familiar. We settled in an AirBnB at the east side of the city, near […]

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  • X-mas on Lombok and NYE in Sydney

    Lombok is predominantly Islamic and therefore we did not have high expectations of Christmas celebrations this year. There is Christmas decoration everywhere and you are invariably offered a “Merry Christmas and a happy new year”. But no matter how decorative, snowmen and reindeer don’t cut it when it is above 30 degrees Celsius and a […]

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