Vietnam – Steamy days with David Beckham

Vietnam – Steamy days with David Beckham

After three lazy days on Tam Hai, we visited the lovely quaint old city of Hoi An. Definitely worth it! Our trip to the ruins of My Son was slightly less successful, mainly because we found out that Miek gets really, really stressed from riding on the backseat of a rented motorbike. We are now in Hanoi, or Ha Noi as the locals say, and it’s lovely, although blistering hot. With 35 degrees Celsius and a humidex of 44 degrees, we start melting within 30 seconds each time we step outside. Fortunately, our hotel room and the hair salon next door are airconditioned. After finishing Erwin’s haircut, his hair dresser proclaimed that he now looks like David Beckham. Lucky me! 🙂 We skipped ‘uncle Ho’s’ mausoleum this morning because he had the mother of all queues on his doorstep and we didn’t feel like waiting in the heat for a dead guy. We did make it to the Temple of Literature, Van Mieu, but I doubt we will be spending much more time outside before our flight to Bangkok tomorrow. We are really looking forward to going there, as we will meet Erwin’s mum to go on a trip to Chiang Mai together.


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