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  • Kangaroos and Corona

    After spending 16 days in a comfortable house in a residential area of ​​Adelaide, it was time to leave. Our final verdict about Adelaide, cast from Melbourne, where we are now: not a bad city, especially because the area around it is fantastic and produces very tasty food and good wines. But Adelaide itself is […]

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  • Koalas. What else?

    Spotting koalas is a dangerous sport. They live in trees and that means that you have to look up while walking on uneven ground. And it’s a marathon, not a sprint. You have to look into at least 6,000 trees or so to spot one koala. But if you see them… they’re too cute! The […]

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  • New horizons

    Grand Hotel Europa by Ilja Pfeijffer is a fantastic novel, but not the best book to read while at your private swimming pool on Lombok during the first week of your four and a half month trip. It is about the ill effects of mass tourism, and it also addresses the selfishness – and idiocy […]

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