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  • Stars and street food: Bangkok, Khao Yai and Hua Hin

    After spending almost 6 weeks on the islands it was time for something new: the big city. On Sunday, March 13, we took the ferry back to Ko Samui, from where we flew to Bangkok. The big city is fun, too! And it would be even more fun if it wasn’t so freaking hot and […]

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  • The Land of Smiles: from Phuket to Ko Samui

    We are becoming *so* spoiled… because after a very luxurious week at the Paresa Resort, we found the Renaissance Phuket Resort & Spa, an hour further north, just a bit meh. Because: no private infinity pool with so much privacy that you can go skinny dipping, and only a buffet instead of a breakfast menu [...]

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  • Kangaroos and Corona

    After spending 16 days in a comfortable house in a residential area of ​​Adelaide, it was time to leave. Our final verdict about Adelaide, cast from Melbourne, where we are now: not a bad city, especially because the area around it is fantastic and produces very tasty food and good wines. But Adelaide itself is […]

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  • Koalas. What else?

    Spotting koalas is a dangerous sport. They live in trees and that means that you have to look up while walking on uneven ground. And it’s a marathon, not a sprint. You have to look into at least 6,000 trees or so to spot one koala. But if you see them… they’re too cute! The […]

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