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  • Koalas. What else?

    Spotting koalas is a dangerous sport. They live in trees and that means that you have to look up while walking on uneven ground. And it’s a marathon, not a sprint. You have to look into at least 6,000 trees or so to spot one koala. But if you see them… they’re too cute! The […]

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  • New horizons

    Grand Hotel Europa by Ilja Pfeijffer is a fantastic novel, but not the best book to read while at your private swimming pool on Lombok during the first week of your four and a half month trip. It is about the ill effects of mass tourism, and it also addresses the selfishness – and idiocy […]

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  • Mountains and Lakes

    We spent our first two weeks in Argentina in the Northwest. It was a short flight from Asuncion to Salta, so we were able to drive to Cafayate on the same day, or Cafazhate as they say in Argentina, because they do not do the ‘y’ sound here. On the way to Cafayate we already […]

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