Uruguay & Iguazu

Uruguay & Iguazu

IMG 5082If Uruguay wasn’t so easily reached by boat from Buenos Aires, we probably never would have made it there. We did though and enjoyed among other things the rather weird mausoleum for ‘liberator’ Jose Artigas, and the cobble-stoned streets in the very cute Unesco World Heritage site of Colonia del Sacramento.

After a quick stop-over in Buenos Aires, we flew to Puerto Iguazu yesterday. It’s the Argentinean gateway to the famous falls, that we visited today on the other, Brazilian side. Spectacular! And tomorrow, when we’ll visit the Argentinean side of the falls, should be even better. Another site famous thanks to water and gravity is the Itaipu dam, the world’s largest hydroelectric power plant. Situated on the border of the two countries, it fulfills approximately 90% of Paraguay’s power needs and 20% of Brazil’s. Now that’s power! Our first few hours in Brazil gave Erwin high expectations for the rest of our visit there (a month, starting the day after tomorrow), because apparently Brazilian women are far prettier than Argentinean women…

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