Maui – Shots & craters

Maui – Shots & craters

It’s already a month ago that we got our innoculation shots. It means it is time to get the second Hepatitis B shot out of the 3 we need. And better to do that in the U.S. rather than any of the smaller islands we will be visiting next. So we thought.. The first clinic didn’t have a doctor on call. The second, bigger, clinic made a fuzz of not being a regular patient, not having an American health insurance and not having a doctor’s prescription. Pfff… And all that in a country where u can simply get many prescription medicines at the super market. Luckily the pharmacist at the local Safeway was more than willing to help out and more luckily he had exactly 2 Hep. B shots left.

With sore upper arms, but happy we got that over with, we drove up to the Haleakala National Park, i.e. the Haleakala crater. A couple of hours drive up to an elevation of 10000 feet or just over 3000 meters. The thin air made it a little difficult to walk a short part of one of the trails into the crater but the stunning views made it well worth it. We could even see the tops of Mouna Kea and Mouna Loa, the mountains on the Big Island, we visited earlier. One of them being 100 miles, i.e. 160km, away.


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