Palau – Peleliu

Palau – Peleliu

DSCF1479Yesterday morning we had to get up early to pack and to meet our 8 o’clock boat to Peleliu, an island in the south of Palau. We’re staying there for two nights and three diving days. Although the move took some effort, we’re glad that we went! Our “resort”, the Dolphin Bay Resort, can entertain a maximum of 14 guests in 7 small, but new and clean beach front cabins. As there is already a group of 9 Swiss divers staying at the resort, there’s only 4 other guests who are diving together, led by a tiny, giggling but very sweet Japanese girl dive master that I suspect Erwin would like to trade me for.

DSCF1502Communication facillities are limited here (e-mail service only which comes down to the resort staff typing & sending your written message for 1 $!) but the diving is great! Today we tried something new to us: diving with a reef hook. The concept is simple: you hook a little metal hook on a 2 m rope to the coral, inflate your BCD slightly, and that allows you to hover over the reef in very strong currents – which is where all the sharks are. Very cool! As a bonus, in between dives we stayed on a small strip of island surrounded by the most beautiful colored water we’ve ever seen.

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