Palau – Jellyfish Lake

Palau – Jellyfish Lake

Jellyfish Lake - PalauWe expected a swim through Jello or tapioca pudding, and eventhough there were supposedly millions and millions of them, the Jellyfish Lake was a bit of a disappointment. Luckily the guys at Sam´s Tours, our dive operator on Koror, decided to go there after our last dive with them so we didn´t have to arrange this ´must see, must do´ trip ourselves. After the boat had docked it was a short but steep walk uphill, wearing our swimsuits and booties, snorkel gear at hand. And there it was; a small lake with green water. We had to swim to the corner closest to the sun as that´s where the jelly fish all go to. Not quite Jello, as Miek could easily circumnavigate them and not touch them. Little chicken.. Hehe.. These jelly fish do not sting. In fact you can safely touch them and they feel actually very soft. It was a nice way to end our last day on Koror (for now). Tomorrow we will transfer to Peleliu, one of the islands to the south, by speedboat.

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