New Zealand – Christchurch

New Zealand – Christchurch

We arrived in Christchurch, New Zealand (South Island), after a long flight with a stop over in Sydney. We flew at night and even if you do get to sleep for a few hours, you don’t really rest. On top of that, losing another 5 hours while crossing some time zones, doesn’t help either. But the biggest shock came when we heard what the weather was in Christchurch: 12 degrees Celsius and rain.. What? That’s just like home! We don’t fly to the other side of the world for that! Luckily the next day, today, the sky was all clear and temperature had risen to above 20 degrees. Very nice indeed. A perfect day to some shopping (very important), see Christchurch and the Banks Peninsula, just south-east of the city. With a bit of sun Christchurch looks quite nice and the peninsula offered some spectacular views and a first glimpse of New Zealand’s natural beauty.

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