Pohnpei – Nan Madol

Pohnpei – Nan Madol

No diving today, but instead a boat trip to Nan Madol, an archeolgical site consisting of 92 tiny man made islands, that we paddled through in a kayak. It’s a special place with a definite Indiana Jones feel to it, and the main mystery is how the builders were able to get the huge, heavy basalt rocks there to build the islands with: they’re too heavy to transport on a raft or in a canoe… After Nan Madol, we visited a picture perfect waterfall, and fortunately I only saw the huge eels that were swimming there as I left the water. On our way to the waterfall, we passed a number of manta rays that not only surfaced repeatedly, but did so on their backs, so you could see their white bellies. Wonderful! We ended our trip with some snorkelling, and after that it was time for a couple of drinks in the gazebo…

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