More Chuuk

More Chuuk

Since our last posting, we did a couple more wreck dives and not much else. If that sounds boring: it isn’t! Chuuk really is the best place in the world to do wreck dives, because there are just so many of them. From little Japanese zero airplanes to huge cargo ships, Chuuk has it all.

During our final dive, of the cargo ship Kensho Maru, it was just the two of us and our dive master David. After showing us what we thought was the engine room, he gestured if we were ok to descend further into the ship – and of course we were. Swimming down two cramped, dark stairs to additional rooms two floors down in the ship, we saw lots more, including the ship’s galley, with a kettle still on the stove. Even if you know that thousands of people before you have done the exact same thing, it feels like such an adventure, and it’s such great fun. We are so terribly lucky to be able to do this together… tomorrow we’re off to our next adventure, in Palau. According to some of the people we’ve talked to, the diving there is even better so we’re curious to find out!


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