Brazil – Amazon

Brazil – Amazon

The past two weeks have flown by very rapidly. Erwin managed to stand on his kite surf board for all of 2 seconds after the last day of his course, but both his teacher and he claim this is due to a lack of wind. Sure, babe. During our stay at the Tiwa resort in the Amazon we had a very full program of jungle & river tours in the area. We now know how to fish for piranhas (Erwin caught 5 which made him king of the boat) and more importantly, how to survive when you’re lost in the jungle! Unless you bring a full bag of supplies (including bullets, batteries and steel wool), we found that it’s best not to get lost in the jungle. Unfortunately we had to say goodbye to Thea and Wil after 5 days at Tiwa. Our 1 day in Manaus did not do much to cheer us up after that, apart from the Amazon Theatre the city is seriously ugly.

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