India – Mumbai

India – Mumbai

Wow. Mumbai is very different from Chennai and Goa and not necessarily in a good way. The people seem fairly rude, often trying to rip us off, and our rather expensive hotel room is a bit of a dump. However, everything looks different in the sunlight, and we spend our first full day in the city pleasantly, managing to get a train ticket booked, visiting the Prince of Wales museum and in the evening, the revolving Pearl of the Orient restaurant. The next day we visit the famous Elephanta caves and we make an interesting discovery in the Marine Plaza hotel: it has a glass bottom swimming pool on the roof, which allows you to see the hotel lobby while you are swimming, or to see people swimming over your head while you are checking in or out. Very cool! If you know of any other glass bottom pools (other than the one in the Adelphi hotel in Melbourne, which we’ve seen), please drop us a line!


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