Fiji – Botaira Beach

Fiji – Botaira Beach

IMG 2432After traveling for more than eight months, by now we know between bad hotelrooms, average and excellent ones. The bad rooms don’t have hot water, a hard and/or wafer thin mattress, a floor that’s so filthy you don’t want to walk on it barefoot. Average is the opposite of the previous factors, maybe a safe in the foom, some space to put your stuff, fluffy towls, etcetera: the standard stuff. And the truly excellent rooms have unusual bonuses on top of that all: a docking station for your iPod so you can listen to your own music (Hong Kong), a water cooler (Pacific Harbour), or a shower with two shower heads (Denarau)…

Our room in Botaira Beach has another unusual feature that makes me feel at home immediately: a color printed A4 sheet on the wall with pictures and descriptions of all the cocktails available from the bar. In addition, the resort is situated on a beautiful beach, it has a great looking bar/restaurant on a wooden deck over the sand, there are hardly any backpackers but there are hot water taps, so it’s an ideal holiday resort.

From this bit on, this posting becomes really boring… after four days of doing nothing interspersed with some diving at Coral View, we are now in the midst of four days of doing nothing interspersed with some diving at Botaira Beach. Sometimes we feel active and go snorkeling for a bit, or take a walk to the village on the other side of the island. Other than that, we do nothing… palm trees, hammocks, sun, beach, clear blue water, coral, fish, reading books, meeting nice people, enjoying good food, and those cocktails of course. Disgusting, isn’t it? We hate us, too… :-).

P.s. don’t think we don’t have any problems: Erwin fell out of a hammock this morning and his back feels a little stiff and could turn blue…


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  • Ulli & Phine

    Sorry to hear there are actually “problems” in paradise! These “bloody” hammocks… 😉
    Apart from that life really sometimes seems to good to be true, right? Keep on having such a great time!
    All the best, Phine & Ulli

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