Oahu – Boats & Beach

Oahu – Boats & Beach

Today it was time to act like true American tourists, so we visited Pearl Harbor – and we used a coupon to get a discount on the entrance fee! The visit of the Bowfin submarine was surprisingly interesting, with a nice guided audio tour. Some free advice: never take the top bunk bed if you’re staying in a submarine! Wow, these spaces are small. After the Bowfin, I found the USS Missouri somewhat less interesting, although it is a very, very large ship with very, very large cannons. By now, we have figured out that the best weather is to be found on the leeward (west) side of the island so we drove all the way up to the northwestern tip of Oahu – another beautiful coast. And we got to lie on a pretty, sunny beach and swim in the Pacific! Ah, this is what holidays are meant to be like.


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